Sunday, June 29, 2014


Most recent pic of us taken in the Drakensburg in May
Half way thru 2014!  So thankful that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Especially as the days fly by and we grapple to stay on top of everything. 

Some of the things that have been the ‘same’ this term…

Monday night ZEBS in Umlazi
Teusday and Wednesday teaching during term at Durban Bible College.
Mark teaching some of his students at Durban Bible College this past term
Homeschool Monday thru Friday.
Scouts and art on Friday and Saturday.
Gym teusday thru Friday.
Weekly marking of papers.
Sunday nights with young adults from church.

Some of the ‘unexpecteds this past term…

Barbs mom’s visit turns into a family gettogether to say goodbye to her sister who passed away suddenly.
Barb and her brother, Kevin, with mom in April
Robs and Greta visit for a week from Cape Town.
Meet Robs and Greta.  These 3 have grown up together, be it from a distance.  
A very sick kitty who got completely betterJ.
A student and a friend in crisis.
Godfrey coming to live with us for a while.
Marks mom and Dad coming to visit and a quick trip to Drakensburg with them.
Mark and Dad visiting Lesotho Zionists together.
Eric, coworker from TEAM, also involved with scouting in Lesotho...  The Lesotho Zionists are ready for a ZEBS.  Please pray for a fulltime missionary for them.
Marks folks visited us in May... this was taken in the Drakensburg
Luke and Lucy visiting for a few days.
Extra gym for a gymstrada trial (with the big girls for the first time).
K in a clubs group routine for nationals (her very first time).
Preparing for a change in homeschool curriculum.
Lounge finished (walls and floors - ¾ of the inside of the house now complete).
Oppotunties to fill different pulpits some Sundays.
Counseling training for Umlazi ZEBS students.
Mark preaching at our Easter service this year.  Yup, that is the Indian Ocean behind him:)

Some of the anticipated unusuals that will be added to the usuals next term…  those we know about anywayJ

SIMs annual conference.
Barbs annual PETscan (no. 3).
Holiday training and a training camp for K.
Babysitting fellow SIMers kids for 3 days so they can focus on a shortterm team visiting from Taiwan.
Ancient and medieval history.
Regionals and nationals for K.
A trip to Cape Town.
Looking into a formal art class for J.
Computer tutor search.

The mixture of life and ministry continue and amazingly it feels in control most of the time.  And, it feels more so, when we rest in Him and trust that He is fully in control of EVERYTHING. 

Thanx for your friendship, prayers and support this year.  We’re so thankful for our lives and our relationships.  Pray we’d keep our eye’s on His face, situation to situation.  Thank you for walking life alongside usJ.

In and for Him 
Mark, Barb, JJ and Kara
PS  look for us on facebook (Barbara Hugo and Hugo's Highlights ... and we're now also set up with Skype)

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