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August 2015 update

THESE TIMES Aug 2015 edition
News from the Hugo family…. Durban, South Africa

A link to an imovie we sent to our financial supporters in the first half of the year….

Its such a relief to remember that we can just REST in Him… in His direction, wait on His open doors… and know that when we ‘don’t understand’… He doesJ  And, yet in His amazing grace, He also allows us times when we have a clearer sense of what He’s doing, where we’re going and even feel Him using us in the lives of others.  What an AMAZING Father we haveJ.

ZEBS is one of those special places of service, where He is very obviously working in the hearts of those looking for Him. 

Umlazi ZEBS is busy with the HIV/AIDS module (which Mark is teaching), the  Romans module (which Pst Ngcobo is teaching) and the Bible Studay Methods  module (which Marius is teaching).  This school meets weekly (in Umlazi) on Monday evenings.   A huge encouragement was when one of the ZEBS students from this school went on a short term mission trip with Mark and Durban Bible College students to Lesotho.  We’re also looking foreward to the wedding of Marius and Nozipho this term. 
Mark and Pst Ngcobo on the left, Marius and Nozipho on the right
eZwelisha ‘ZEBS’ is getting off the ground!  This is a heartfelt praise, as there has been such warfare on that front.  The class has grown to 15 and is mostly young men.  We use italics as its in the preZEBS phase of going through the This We Believe material.  This school meets monthly (in eZwelisha) on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Lesotho ‘ZEBS’ is also in this preZEBS phase and due to the distance, only happens a few times a year but for 2 full days each time.  Marks last trip there in June was cold but amazing.  You can read his report at this link…
 The Binions (with TEAM) are also involved, traveling up to Lesotho as time allows as they serve at Union Bible Institute in Pietermaritzburg.  The family considering fulltime ministry there, is coming (from Canada) to meet with the ZEMA missionaries and visit the area in Jan. 2016.  Please pray with us for His clear direction in that.

DURBAN BIBLE COLLEGE continues to be a biweekly place of service for Mark.  This term his topic is Missionary Life.  He loves this teaching platform as well. 

BUILDING + RENOVATIONS continues on our house.  But, a door has also opened for Mark to work alongside Sizwe (a young man from our church), one day a week, who does maintenance for a local property owner.  He is loving working with Sizwe, building into him and is marveling at the amazing ways He is opening opportnities to share with Sizwe’s boss. 

YOUNG ADULTS BIBLE STUDY group meets once a week (Sunday evenings) and is going through fundamentals of the faith.  This active, fun and rowdy group of young people bless us in how they care for each other.  J and K are now also attending this bible study which is an amazing encouragement to us.  They are safe, loved and accepted in this special group of people.

Mark and J went on a men's retreat with the men from our church
BJKs School is now well into term 3.  J attended a 2 week art course at the art centre he’s looking at attending once he finishes his GED.  ‘Loved it’ does not do the time justice!  He is very interested in animation, tho is also starting to think about sound as a career option.  This term we have started using internet video classes for math and biology (Khan Academy is FREE… I know amazing in this day and age).  Its encouraging to see J and K grow in confidence and independence in directing their learning to some extent.  Mom remains the structurer and task master!  It is taking a lot of the demand off of her reading and eye strain is so much lessJ 
J with some of the other artists at the art school course
K with some of her gym friends

Of course one of the most AMAZING things since we last wrote… is that that in His great mercy, the Lord has seen fit to allow us to reach the milestone of a 4th cancer free PETscan!  Humbled, grateful and hopeful…  it is impossible to put into words the feelings that flow.  He is in control and in His plan we trust… no matter what the course it takes.  Tho we’d be so very happy it remain cancerfreeJ.

Then, many have been praying for Kara as she’s struggled these last months with a hip injury causing much pain…  bringing a temporty stop to her normal gym training… tho she was, thankfully, able to continue with her weekly hiphop dance class (she was included in 2 dances for the Natal Dance Festival…  their contempory dance got 2nd and their hiphop group dance got 1st).  She’s seen a top hip orthopeadic surgeon in Durban, had an MRI, was so brave through a cortizone shot into her left hip….  which sadly did not relieve her symptoms.  At this point… we’re waiting to talk with the doc about the next step.  Please continue to prayJ.

The 50 year olds
So that’s pretty much what our lives have looked like these past few months… peppered with gardening, braai’s, exercise, electronic games, movies, 50th birthday celebrations, sleepovers and normal things like housework and stuffJ  We appreciate being able to keep up with many of you and love to pray for needs and praises we hear about.  We’re also starting to think about our upcoming furlough (delayed slightly due to the family coming to see Lesotho in Jan), Lordwilling starting in Feb 2016.  We’ll be in touch soon in that regardJ.  Feel free to contact us with any of your idea’s or thoughts…

We pray His amazing encouragement is real to you day by day as you face life’s joys, curveballs and challenges. ..  knowing He is faithful, and more than able to take the steering wheel from us.  We love you and are so thankful to have you in our livesJ  Till next time….

Together in Him
Mark, Barb, JJ and Kara

With SIM... seconded to ZEMA

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