Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 2015 edition

We hope you enjoy some individual people focus this issueJ

 Barb has finished the electron therapy part of her cancer treatment.  Now on a 2 week break … her first cycle of oral chemo starts Nov 23… 14 days of 6 pills a day followed by a week off.  Not sure what subsequent cycles will look like but treatment will continue for 6 months.  Have also discovered Barb has high blood pressure (unrelated to chemo etc) which PTL is responding quickly to meds.  Pray for His grace with side effects and that all nasty cells will be killed by the chemo.  Pray for our family as we go thru this for a 2nd time. 

Kara is back exercising (having stopped gym in June and dancing in Aug due to cartilage injuries in her hips). Increased demands is seeing some pain return L.  She is back at gym and dancing once again and working in her painfree zone.  We’re so proud of how she has grown during these past difficult 6 months.  She has also been volunteering one morning a week at a school for autistic children , this term, which she is loving.  She is also enjoying going to young adults bible study and would be lost without her phone… where she is mostly having multiple conversations at the same timeJ.  Pray for healing and wisdom.

J is now taller than his mom!  He has enjoyed his biweekly sat. art class at CFAD (Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design) this term, where he hopes to study once he has finished school.  Its so exciting to see his confidence growing so much when it comes to the use of colorJ.  He continues to enjoy badminton, scouts and young adults bible study… and lets not forget listening to music, hanging with his friends  and gamingJ.  Pray for him as he works toward being ready to prepare to write the GED.  Once he’s passed that, he can start college.
Mark is being superman as usual between getting Barb to treatments, getting kids to where they need to go, grocery shopping and ministry.  He is running regularly and is so thankful for a super group of runners that he meets with weekly.  He is also doing weights with a chap from church which he is enjoying.  We’re so thankful to the folks who assist us from time to time with transport when Mark is unable or when scedules are challenging.  Pray for wisdom in the juggle especially as chemo starts and continues.

in the middle...
Pastor Anderson (Lesotho) is feeling challenged to start a ZEBS himself in Butta Butte.  Pray for him as he makes this decision and for the missionaries who will support him.  Mark and Eric (TEAM but working with ZEMA) share the traveling up there right now to do so… a family is coming from Canada to visit in Jan. on a scouting trip. 

Godfrey, Irene and , our godson, Waylin continue to live in Durban central.  They had rather a harrowing time during the xenophobia attacks earlier this year, tho no injuries.  Godfrey is planning to start studying law next year while he supports his family.  Pray for sponsors to assist with fees, for wisdom as they parent and for Irene to find employment.  Pray also for little Waylin as he grows up.  We see way too little of themL

Meltha is the ‘angel’ who comes and helps us keep our home clean and sorted.  She is Barbs eyes when it comes to corners, stains etc.  Her daughter has been very sick and is now coping with a pressure sore.  She is also concerned over neighbors who have had numerous deaths in the family and a young lady in her 20s is now caring for a number of children.  Pray their fostercare grants will come through quickly.  And, that they would turn to Jesus for ‘parenthood’ and protection too.
 Mark leads the young adults bible study group from our church weekly – this is the one J and K both enjoy attending.  A number of them will be leaving the area as their lives start new chapters.  Please pray they would find strong spiritual homes where they each go.  Pray too that those remaining will be inspired by the leadership they demonstrated. Marks LOVES this groups questions and the way they care for each otherJ
 Pst Ngcobo serves with Mark in Umlazi ZEBS and eZwelisha preZEBS.  He has so many responsibilities.  He and his wife have had some health issues these past months.  Please pray for them.
Joshua is a final year student at Durban Bible College (from the DRC) that Mark has enjoyed teaching over these past 3 years.  He has a huge heart for counseling.  Pray for Him as he prepares for the next step the Lord has for him (he graduates this year).
Tanya (grew up on the property where we stay, but now lives down the road) has had many challenges this her first year out of school.  We’re so proud of how she has persevered, learned to stand up for herself and demonstrated her trustworthiness as a Jesus-follower in her place of work.  She is also studying through UNISA.  Pray for her as she seeks His will in her life step by step.  We are often blessed to have her in our home. 

We’re looking foreward to a lovely break as a family in Cape Town in Dec.  as we housesit for Marks aunt and uncle.  We’re thankful to be able to make the trip even tho Barb will be on chemo.  Sadly, we’ve had to postpone our furlough (previously planned to start in Feb next year) but will set it up as soon as we get an AOK from our oncologist.  Watch this space for details…

We pray you and your loved ones build some special Christmas memories this year.  We pray His presence, protection and encouragement are real as you/we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is He who humbled Himself to the body of a baby, who died for our benefit and who rose again to bring us hope and prepare a place for us. 
Oh Jesus, help us to grow humble hearts, to die to the things of this world and to take hold of the reality of heaven so that those we love, who don’t know you yet, might see that ‘it’ is true. 

Thanx to all you have prayed and given so sacrificially so that we can serve as we do.  We are blessed to do so and also to call you partners and friends. 

In Him and for His glory
Mark, Barb, JJ and Kara

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